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Religious Education

Our Religious Education Classes:  UPDATED Downloads!


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Questions or Comments on Religious Ed Classes, Contact Gary Hodsdon at

Sacrament of Confirmation and Adult Faith, contact Anne Hoeing


Sessions for Grades 1-5 are in full swing Sunday mornings 9am-9:50am. We follow the school schedule and cancel in severe weather. WMUR posts cancellations.

Sessions for Grades 6-7-8 and Confirmation “Be Sealed & Be Sent” are on Monday nights, 5:30pm-7pm. Again, these listed on the schedule and are canceled when school is canceled.


Dear Parents & Parishioners,


In the midst of all the Christmas activities, listed below and taken from the Magnificat, December 2017, p. 107 by Pope Benedict XVI, is a real contrast to the commercialized season our world promotes.


"Following a beautiful and firmly-rooted tradition, many families set up their crib immediately after the feast of the Immaculate Conception, as if to relive with Mary those days full of trepidation that preceded the Birth of Jesus.  Putting up the crib at home can be a simple but effective way of presenting faith, to pass it on to one's children.  The crib helps us contemplate the mystery of God's love that was revealed in the poverty and simplicity of the Bethlehem Grotto.

Saint Francis of Assisi was so taken by the mystery of the Incarnation that he wanted to present it anew at Greccio in the living nativity scene, thus beginning an old, popular tradition that still retains its value for evangelization today. Indeed, the crib can help us understand the secret of the true Christmas because it speaks of the humility and merciful goodness of Christ, who though he was rich he made himself poor for us (2Cor 8:9).  His poverty enriches those who embrace it, and Christmas brings joy and peace to those who, like the shepherds in Bethlehem, accept the angel's words:  Let this be a sign to you:  in a manger you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes (Lk:2: 12). This is still the sign for us too, men and women of the third millennium. There is no other Christmas."


Sunday night, Dec. 10th, 5-7pm, Bring the family to dinner in the Parish Center before the 6-7-9 Religious Ed sessions.  The Parent Forum follows the dinner while the students are in session downstairs.


The St. Theresa Christmas Pageant will be held before 10am Mass, Sunday, Dec.17th!  See information elsewhere in this Bulletin.


Cross Roads Shelter supper service is available as an opportunity for high school youth who wish to join this ministry.  Please contact if you wish to be added to the list.

There are openings for Dec.17, 5-7pm, and for Jan.21, 5-7pm.


Blessings, Anne, Gary & Keith

Questions or concerns?  Religious Ed @ 964-9878,or,


Families often  struggle with the kind and number of Christmas presents to give. Sometimes that special gift requested by a child or relative is just not in the budget this year. Pope Francis has a suggestion taken from Scripture….give, really give, a work of Mercy. WARNING: The cost may be a sacrifice of your time, patience and pride . Listed below are some of the choices for presents this Christmas, presents that are priceless gifts.

Corporal Works of Mercy:


To feed the hungry

To give drink to the thirsty

To clothe the naked

To welcome the stranger

To heal the imprisoned

To bury the dead


Spiritual Works of Mercy:

To counsel the doubtful

To instruct the ignorant

To admonish sinners

To comfort the afflicted

To forgive offenses

To bear patiently with those who do us ill

To pray for the living and the dead



Adult Confirmation will be offered this coming year for any parishioner who was unable to complete the Sacraments of Initiation( Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation)

Questions: Email Anne Hoeing:

Questions for Grades 1-8 Email Gary Hodsdon

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RCIA - The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


Welcome to St. Theresa Parish! Would you like to learn more about the Catholic Faith? Come journey with companions starting this October 2016 to explore the path to full communion in our Faith.


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